ABT Front Grill

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Product Information

- Also suitable for vehicles with an S-line exterior package 
- Also suitable for vehicles with an optics package Off-road Audi Exclusive 
- Also for vehicles with a parking aid plus 


- The adhesive used for the assembly is not included in the scope of supply. Only the adhesives listed in the corresponding test documents (ABE / parts certificates / expert opinion) may be used. Disregard leads to the loss of the general operating license of the vehicle and can result in the loss of the insurance protection as well as to criminal consequences! 

The approved adhesives can be purchased at Volkswagen / Audi under the item number 000.071.785 D as a complete adhesive set (adhesive incl. Primer). An adhesive set is required for assembly.


- Audi Q5_8R2 
- Audi_SQ5_8R2 


Brand: ABT
Product Code: 8R2817170
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