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KMD Tuning Stainless Steel Brake Line- Rear Kit

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KMD Tuning Stainless Steel Brake Line- Rear Kit

Product Information

KMD Tuning is proud to offer DOT approved stainless steel braided brake lines for Audi / VW vehicles. Each KMD Tuning brake line is made to order in-house, tested and stamped with a DOT number.


KMD Tuning Stainless Steel Brake Line features:

     - Exceeds the latest DOT standards backed up by independent laboratory testing.
     - Suitable for all applications including extreme racing.
     - Each fitting is of OE design so NO adaptors are necessary.
     - Design allows high temperature operation and longer life.
Every hose is pressure tested to 3,000 PSI.

Benefits of the KMD Tuning Stainless Braided Brake Lines:

     - Reduces braking distance during a panic stop.
     - Eliminates pedal sponginess under heavy braking.
     - Gives immediate brake pedal response.
     - Provides compatibility with all brake fluids.

Brand: KMD Tuning
Product Code: 5Q0611775G-SS
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