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AWE Tuning Power Package AWE Tuning Power Package AWE Tuning Power Package

Product Information

Right from the factory, the GT2 is an impressive machine. However -- we knew that most GT2 owners would not be happy with only impressive. You demand and deserve more. With this idea in mind, we set out to create our extraordinary 997 GT2 Power Package.


  • Comprehensively Designed

  • +94 hp and +89 ft-lb of torque at the crank

  • Bolt-on components

  • G.I.A.C. Software with switching

  • Perfect Fitment - Guaranteed


Power Package Components:

  • AWE Tuning GT2 Exhaust System

  • AWE Tuning GT2 Intercoolers

  • AWE Tuning GT2 Headers

  • G.I.A.C. ECU Calibration with Switching Capabilities


One of the most engaging aspects of a sports car is the engine note. Porsche had to compromise on the factory exhaust because of Federal Mandates, leaving much to be desired. We wanted to give the GT2 that exotic engine note a car like this needs. Our GT2 Exhaust system features 200 Cell HJS Metal Cats, a true 3" straight through design and a single center muffler to give the GT2 a tone befitting a true exotic. Equipped with standard polished silver or optional Diamond Black Tips, our exhaust is the only system worthy of the GT2 and weighs within 5lbs of light weight, albeit restrictive, Titanium factory system.

The Intake Air Temps (IAT) with the stock GT2 intercoolers are not ideal for making power. This is no surprise considering the GT2 shares stock intercoolers with the 997TT and the GT2 runs even higher boost levels stock vs the 997TT. In order to produce the power we wanted, an intercooling improvement was mandatory. Designed using sophisticated CAD and CFD modeling, to ensure proper air flow and distribution through the core and end tanks, our GT2 Intercoolers have proven to provide cooler IATs in excess of 750+ hp and were able to drop intercooler temps over 30F and add 20+hp at the crank on the GT2.

Just like the intercoolers, the GT2 and 997TT share the same header part numbers, so it was no surprise that the stock GT2 headers are sufficient for stock power levels, but were a bottleneck for the horsepower levels for which we were aiming. Ultimately, the upgraded headers we designed for the 997TT were also suitable for use on the GT2 power package. Having endured extensive street, track and dyno testing, our 321 Stainless Steel GT2 Headers have proven themselves to be the finest available.

Tying all this together is a G.I.A.C. ECU Calibration. G.I.A.C. offers the only switchable ECU programming for the GT2. This gives you the ability to switch between a variety of maps depending on the situation with the use simple handheld device.

G.I.A.C. also offers the following optional Software Programs:

  • 100+ Octane Race Fuel

  • Valet Mode (Low Power)

  • Ignition Kill Security (no start antitheft)

  • Stock Mode


Fill your tank with 100+ Octane fuel, select the Race Fuel Program and you will be able to get every last ounce of power from the motor. Use the Valet (Low Power) Mode and limit the car to just 50hp, enough for the valet to park your car safely. Engage the Ignition Kill Security Mode and know that your car cannot be started, even with the use of a key. Apply the Stock mode and take your car to the dealer for routine maintenance. G.I.A.C. is the only GT2 software calibrator with these capabilities.

Please note, this package is for racing use only.

Brand: AWE Tuning
Product Code: 8610-11030
$14,125.00 $13,418.75
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