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AWE Tuning F3X Touring Edition Exhaust

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AWE Tuning F3X Touring Edition Exhaust AWE Tuning F3X Touring Edition Exhaust AWE Tuning F3X Touring Edition Exhaust AWE Tuning F3X Touring Edition Exhaust

Product Information

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  • Sophisticated  Touring Edition (Axleback)
  • Touring Edition features AWE Tuning’s proprietary drone-canceling solution, 180 Technology®
  • Max gains of 13 hp and 13 ft-lbs of torque at the crank
  • Fitments for both N20 and N26 motors
  • Handcrafted from 3” U.S.-sourced CNC mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel
  • 80mm double-walled tips available in Chrome Silver or Diamond Black
  • Available as single side (dual tip) or unique quad tip configuration (SwitchPath™ Exhaust only available in quad tip)
  • 3D-printed bolt on marking template allows for perfect “quad tip” bumper cut if desired (available for both Non-M Sport and M Sport cars)
  • Direct bolt-on for factory-like simplicity
  • Engineered, designed and manufactured in-house at AWE Tuning
  • No Check Engine Light - Guaranteed
  • Perfect Fitment - Guaranteed
  • Featuring the AWE Tuning Lifetime Exhaust Warranty


The AWE Tuning ® Touring Edition Exhaust

The AWE Tuning ® Touring Edition Exhaust is straight-through axle back system available as either dual outlet (single side, two tips) or quad outlet (two tips on each side), and leverages AWE Tuning’s proprietary drone-cancelling solution, 180 Technology®, to produce the perfect, drone free exhaust note.

Sound Perfection: AWE Tuning 180 Technology®

Perfect tone comes compliments of AWE Tuning  180 Technology®.

As exhaust gases exit the engine and flow into an AWE Tuning 180 Technology® equipped resonator, they pass through strategically located ports, and into reflection chambers. Sound waves, carried by these exhaust gasses, bounce off the walls of the reflection chambers. By controlling the size and location of the ports and the chambers, we also control when the sound waves exit the chambers. The specific timing of when the reflected sound waves rejoin the main exhaust flow creates a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree out-of-phase sound wave that cancels out problematic frequencies.


Tip options:

All F3X systems are 80mm and double walled, available in either Chrome Silver or Diamond Black.

What’s in the box?

 Touring Edition Exhaust, exhaust tips (two or four), and all clamps and hardware required for installation.

Brand: AWE Tuning
Product Code: 3010-22022

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Tip/Exhaust Packages:

$1,152.63 $1,095.00
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