BMW X Series F85 X5 M (15+)


ESS S63TÜ Piggyback Backend ECU Software

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Product Information

Backend ECU software for the 2012+ M5/M6 for use with aftermarket piggyback controllers that control boost, etc. The software does NOT change the performance of the car at all, it only adds features and safer fuel control. All engine torque/boost control remains stock and a piggyback will work just like it does on a OEM car.

This file offers the following options :

-Corrected AFR control for higher boost pressure. AFR target is set to 12:1 under high load/boost conditions vs 14:1 OEM in mid RPM range.
-We can optionally add fuel to the main fuel tables under high boost to avoid large adaptation offsets for piggyback use.
-Removed top speed governor
-Increased RPM limiter (+400RPM)
-Removal of catalytic converter diagnostic functionality (for off road use only)
-Removal of cat heat cycle (for off road use only)

Brand: ESS Tuning
Product Code: s63TU-piggy

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