CTS Turbo K04 Turbo Upgrade Kit for 2.0TSI

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CTS Turbo K04 Turbo Upgrade Kit for 2.0TSI CTS Turbo K04 Turbo Upgrade Kit for 2.0TSI

Product Information

The heart of the CTS Turbo for MK6 2.0TSI turbo upgrade kit is the Borg Warner K04-0064 turbocharger.  This turbocharger is commonly used in OEM applications such as the Audi S3 available in Europe.  The highlights of this Borg Warner turbocharger in our kit is the 'forged mill' compressor wheel, which brings numerous benefits to the enthusiast.  The technology used in the production of these turbos provides us with a variety of benefits, reduced compressor wheel weight (faster spool), increased strength, and greater surface area of the compressor wheel.  Because of the 'forged mill' technology Borg Warner can increase the effective surface area of the compressor wheel, which results in greater air flow than conventional cast compressor wheels. 

In addition to the Borg Warner K04-0064 the CTS Turbo MK6 2.0TSI turbo upgrade kit uses a set of custom silicon hoses to relocate the factory diverter valve.  Our diverter valve relocation uses the same principles as the OEM Audi S3, Audi TTS and Golf R.  In addition to the diverter valve relocation our kit includes a new diverter valve housing to relocate the diverter valve, associated OEM gaskets, nuts, studs and hardware.  This kit is by far the best 'bang for the buck' modification available for VW and Audi enthustiasts with the 2.0TSI engine.


Additional parts required:

K04-specific software (any tuner)

3" high-flow exhaust downpipe 

Must have factory turbo outlet pipe or CTS K04-specific turbo outlet pipe


Additional parts recommended:

Cold Air Intake

3" exhaust system

Larger FMIC kit

Brand: CTS Turbo
Product Code: CTS-MK6-2.0TSI-K04KIT
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