ESS N55 Stage 1 ECU Performance Software

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Product Information

ESS N55 F series E-Flash Stage 1 ECU software is a result of extensive testing and exact calibration of ECU parameters to allow significant performance gains on a stock or lightly modified car (intake/exhaust/IC). The Stage 1 software is developed and tested in extreme heat in the Arizona desert as well as extreme cold temperatures in Scandinavia. Typical gains are in the 40-45whp range.

The E-Flash N55 software is a full OBD2 solution that does not require sending in the ECU or opening the ECU in any way.

Catless of HFC option is not available for customers in California.


Part number: 101-103
Top Speed Governor: Removed
RPM Limit: 7100RPM
Fuel requirement: 91-93US/ 98Euro
Horsepower 2012: 360 DIN (Stock 306/320)
Horsepower 2013+: 400 DIN (Stock 306/320) 
Torque: 500NM (Stock 400NM)



*Correction factor for drivetrain loss is 15% above RWHP as seen in dynograph (RWHP/0.85) Power rating is dependent on fuel quality.


Brand: ESS Tuning
Product Code: 101-103

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