Mercedes Benz 2012 ML63 AMG


Weistec Engineering 722.9 7 Speed TCU Tune

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Weistec Engineering 722.9 7 Speed TCU Tune

Product Information

What is the Flashtool and what does the Flashtool do?
The Cypher Flash Tool is an tool that allows for at home control module flashing via the vehicle's OBD2 port.  With this tool, it is possible to flash a Weistec TCU tune on your vehicle from the comfort of your own garage. Certain vehicles can even have the ECU flashed using the Cypher Flash Tool.
Benefits of doing a TCU Tune?
The Weistec TCU tune results in faster and more firm shifts.  This is accomplished with faster target shift times and running higher line pressure which also has the added benefit of reducing slip and increasing the torque capacity of the transmission.  With higher line pressure, the clutches in the transmission are clamped harder making for better grip which directly allows the transmission to hold more torque.  With less slip and faster shifts, the lifespan of the transmission is typically improved as well.  This is a great upgrade for any supported vehicle whether it is stock or modified.
Please email your VIN to [email protected] so that we can verify compatibility with your specific vehicle.
Key Features
  • Faster Shifts
  • Firmer Shifts
  • Increased Line Pressure
  • Increased Torque Capacity
Brand: Weistec
Product Code: 05-722-00163-6
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