Mercedes Benz 2015 CLS400


Weistec M276 W.1 ECU Upgrade

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Product Information

+110HP   +167TQ


The Weistec M276 ECU upgrade for the 2015+ Twin Turbo or "BiTurbo" 3.0 Liter V6 engines provides substatial gains across the entire powerband.  From 2200rpm to almost 4500rpm, torque measured at the wheels is well over 400lb-ft on our in house linked 4WD Dynojet Dyno making the vehicle a blast to drive around in any situation. 


*Power gains vary based on model and modifications.

*Product may not be emissions compliant.  Check local laws prior to installation. 



- Increased HP and Torque

- Improved Throttle Response

- Optimized Fuel, Spark, and Boost

- Removed Speed Limiter

Brand: Weistec
Product Code: 05-276-00055-0
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