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AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust for 981

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AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust for 981 AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust for 981 AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust for 981 AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust for 981

Product Information

This particular AWE Exhaust project can be touted as one of the most comprehensive and intensive research and development initiatives in our exhaust collection. Hundreds of hours of research and development, multiple revisions and countless real world and dyno tests have output a system that is equal parts aggressive and sophisticated at any RPM. In other words, the only exhaust set up worthy of the AWE Tuning badge.

Power, performance and sophistication:

  • Max power gains of 13HP and 19TQ at the crank
  • Extensive R&D and version testing have brought us to the perfect system
  • Crafted from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Featuring the AWE Tuning No CEL Guarantee
  • Lifetime Exhaust Warranty
  • Engineered, designed and manufactured in house at AWE Tuning


Aggressive and civil, all in one perfect exhaust.

We studied the market. The stock exhaust systems revealed untenable tones at certain points in the power band. This set the stage for our engineering group to craft a bespoke system that would be both aggressive at full throttle yet civil enough for daily cruising.

The prototyping process was a long road: AWE Tuning sound engineers carefully studied the tones of our prototype iterations at various RPMs, ultimately engineering a solution that combats frequencies that are not appropriate for a car of this caliber – retaining and building upon only the perfect notes.

Purged performance.

The key to an AWE Tuning exhaust’s performance is extracting every ounce of available flow from the system without compromising daily driving characteristics or the settings mandated by the factory computer. The commitment to maximum flow is why our master fabricators hand-finish every TIG weld, and why the AWE Performance Exhaust is also gas purge welded to remove any imperfections that may impede maximum flow.

Tip options.

The AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust comes with two tip options: 102mm Chrome Silver double walled tips, and 102mm Diamond Black double walled tips. All tips are stamped AWE Tuning, so they’ll know what team you’re on.

No CEL Guarantee.

You won’t get a check engine light. We guarantee it. By ensuring that factory O2 sensors stay in locations that keep the Porsche ECU within factory specifications, we ensure that you won’t see the light.

Bolt on? Right on.

A tenet of every AWE Tuning exhaust system is perfect fitment, every time. Distributing AWE Tuning products to over 75 countries makes simple installation a mandate of our brand. This AWE Performance Exhaust is no exception. Every touch point of this system mates precisely with factory locations, and the tips are designed to perfectly fill out the factory valance. Perfect fitment, every time.

Brand: AWE Tuning
Product Code: 3010-32020

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