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KW 2 Way Clubsport Coilover Kit

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Product Information

KW Clubsport with top mounts: Coilovers for Race track and road.

These set ups were specifically designed for the Nordschleife using track day tires. By using the optional adjustable top mounts, suspension geometry can be adjusted to the requirements of the tires and the intended use. 
These adjustable top mounts coupled with the independently adjustable rebound and compression dampening technology individual set up adjustments according to vehicle load, tire characteristics and different track conditions. Clubsports meets all needs for the road and the race track guaranteeing excellent handling, best performance, great agility and fantastic lap times.



Front Lowering:

0.8" to 1.8"

Rear Lowering:

0.4" to 1.4"


  • 02: Height adjustable front and rear axles (front axle threaded strut housings, rear axle adjustable springs + dampers)

  • 57: Only for vehicles with a clamp diameter of 54.6 mm on the front axle.

  • 98: Clubsport coilovers including front and rear top mounts

Brand: KW Automotive
Product Code: 35280842
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