Volkswagen .:R Models Golf V R32 (08)

Exhaust Parts for Volkswagen .:R Models Golf V R32 (08)


Catalytic Converter

Milltek R32 Cat Delete Pipe
This Milltek System will replace the catalytic converters on a MKV R32 with high quality piping to connect the OE manifolds to the Milltek Cat Back Exhaust...
Milltek R32 High Flow Cats
This Milltek system for the MKV R32 includes two 200 Cell High Flow Cats. Fits to OEM manifolds For Offroad/Motorsport Use Only.  Requires stage 2 EC...


CTS R32 / 24V Turbo Manifold (T4 flanged)
This is the same exhaust manifold featured in our MK5 R32 turbo kit. Casted from inconel-type steel, this manifold is extremely strong and will last for many ye...
$549.99 $439.99


Milltek R32 Manifolds and Cat Delete
Milltek GOLF V R32 manifolds, Milltek Cat Delete Pipes and with link pipes to Milltek catback. Fits Milltek catback, bolt on. Excitement and power all in o...
Milltek R32 Manifolds W/High Flow Cats
These manifolds have been designed to work in conjunction with Millteks very popular cat-back exhaust systems. These manifolds primary purpose is to i...
Milltek R32 Cat back Exhaust
Improve performance and your vehicles sound with this cat-back exhaust system from Milltek. This cat-back features 2.75" 304 stainless steel construct...
CTS Turbo MK5 R32 3" Cat back Exhaust
CTS Turbo has been dedicated to manufacturing performance parts for enthusiasts by enthusiasts since its inception. Our continued development of the MK5 platfor...
$899.99 $764.99