Audi Allroad 2.7T (01-05)

Drivetrain Parts for Audi Allroad 2.7T (01-05)


Automatic Transmission

034 Motorsport Transmision Mount
We're proud to announce the availability of the Density Line Transmission Mounts for B5 and C5 Chassis Audi and B5 Chassis Volkswagen models! 034Mot...


South Bend Stage 3 Clutch Kit
Stage 3 Daily Recommended for single mass flywheel (SMF) when original design is DMF. This clutch package is designed for high HP vehicles desiring a start p...
$1,161.27 $1,126.43
South Bend Stage 2 Clutch Kit
Stage 2 Daily Engineered for HP modifications. This Heavy Duty Pressure Plate has an increased clamp load with little or no increase in pedal pressure. The O...
$728.18 $706.33
South Bend Stage 4 Clutch Kit
 Stage 4 Extreme  This is a “build to order” clutch kit intended for cars with HP modifications exceeding the stage 3 parameters. The R...
$1,340.79 $1,300.56
South Bend Stage 1 Clutch Kit
Stage 1 Heavy duty version of the stock O. E. clutch. The Pressure Plate has an increase clamp load for extended life. The disc is dual dampened for smooth e...
$677.41 $657.09
South Bend Single Mass Steel Flywheel-(21Lb)
Flywheels manufactured by SBC are made from low carbon, hot rolled steel that is highly resistant to warping and perfectly suited for the friction materials mat...
$901.92 $874.86


Apikol Rear Diff Crossmember Bushings
Apikol Rear Diff Crossmember Bushings stabilize the rear differential and reduce drivetrain movement to give the driver crisp feedback when accelerating and shi...


AWE Tuning DTS for Allroad
The AWE Tuning Drive Train Stabilizer (DTS) eliminates the excessive engine and transmission torsional movement found in these vehicles. Installation of our DTS...
$367.37 $349.00