Audi Q5

Exhaust Parts for Audi Q5


Axle Back

Remus Q5 Axle Back Exhaust
Want to increase horsepower, wheel torque and sound on your Audi Q5 2.0TSFI Type 8R,  2008-on.  The Remus axleback sport...

Catalytic Converter

KMD Tuning - 2.0TSI AVS Test Pipe
The KMD Tuning 3" stainless steel test pipe deletes restrictive factory cat right out of the turbo to the downpipe. Fits the stock K03 turbo on 2.0T FWD/Qu...
$189.95 $135.95
034 Motorsport High Flow Cat
034Motorsport High-Flow Catalytic Converters are designed to replace the restrictive OE catalytic converter, and allow for quicker spool while increasing horsep...
Milltek 2.75" High Flow Sport Cat
Milltek Sport High Flow Sports Cat with 200 cell HJS substrate Consists of MSAU541 High Flow Cat Assembly This downpipe exhaust system with Hi-Flow c...


AWE Tuning 3.0T Q5/SQ5 Non-Resonated Downpipes
Turn your 3.0T Q5 up to 11 with the AWE Tuning Q5 3.0T Non-Resonated Downpipes. These hand crafted T304 Stainless Steel Non-Resonated Downpipes produce a distin...
$860.95 $817.90
AWE Tuning Q5 3.2L Non-Resonated Exhaust System
For our Q5 3.2L Exhaust, we knew the tone and volume had to be spot on. It needed to deliver an exhilarating wail at full throttle yet be quiet and civil during...
$1,393.86 $1,324.17
AWE Tuning Q5 3.2L Resonated Downpipe
For Q5 owners looking to fine tune the sound of the exhaust even more,add AWE Tuning Resonated Downpipes. AWE Tuning Resonated Downpipes feature larger than sto...
$1,062.47 $1,009.35
AWE Tuning Q5 2.0T Touring Edition Exhaust
Perfect tone, unlocked power and uncompromised daily driving manners.  For the Q5 2.0T, we knew the tone and volume had to be spot on, given the varied ...
$1,561.79 $1,483.70
AWE Tuning Q5 3.0T Touring Edition Exhaust
The Q5 is a unique beast. Capable of extreme power, yet requiring the perfect daily drivability expected of a luxury sport utility. Presenting the finest exhaus...
$2,121.57 $2,015.49
AWE Tuning Q5 2.0T Resonated Downpipe
For the Q5 2.0T, we knew the tone and volume had to be spot on, given the varied environments this do-it-all vehicle finds itself in. It needed to deliver an ey...
$614.64 $583.91