CTS Turbo Turbo Inlet Hose

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CTS Turbo Turbo Inlet Hose CTS Turbo Turbo Inlet Hose

Product Information

CTS Turbo MQB Turbo Inlet Hose:
CTS Turbo is proud to offer our upgraded turbo inlet hose for the MK7 VW and 8V Audi MQB vehicles.  The factory turbo inlet hose is corrugated with internal ridges that disrupt air flow.  Not only do they reduce air flow, but the plastic can become weak over time causing leaks and reduced performance.  

The CTS Turbo turbo inlet hose is constructed from 5-ply silicone that will not collapse, even under heavy load. This is MUCH stronger than other inlet hoses offered by different companies. Collapsing intake hose can cause turbo to fail!!

The CTS Turbo inlet hose allows for smooth interupted flow and more air pumping through your engine!
5-ply silicone construction
Smooth interior
High strength hose clamps
1 x CTS Turbo MQB Turbo Inlet Hose
2 x Worm style hose clamps

Fits the following vehicles:
2015+ VW Golf 
2015+ VW GTI
2015+ VW Golf R
2015+ Audi A3 
2015+ Audi S3

Brand: CTS Turbo
Product Code: CTS-SIL-0070
$79.99 $63.99
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