KMD Tuning Clutch Kit

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KMD Tuning Clutch Kit KMD Tuning Clutch Kit

Product Information

KMD Tuning is proud to present a street or track clutch kit for the daily driver or weekend racer. 

The KMD Tuning Clutch Kit features:
     - Modified Audi TT-RS Pressure Plate with custom made ceramic-metallic disc for a full contact surface.
     - Unlike some clutch kits on the market that use a wider face disc which will cause an overhang, the KMD Tuning Clutch Kit is designed to work with the full diameter of the Audi TT-RS pressure plate.

     - The Track disc, in combination with the TTRS pressure plate, can hold up to 530TQ with a shorter life.
- The Daily disc offers the longest life with the factory driving experience and can hold 480TQ.

Track Disc (530TQ) Features:
     - The eight ceramic-metallic trapezoidal-shaped buttons have a very low inertia.
     - Ceramic-metallic button clutch is designed to operate at high working temperatures without fading.
     - Button type ceramic-metallic plates use only about 50% of the flywheel and pressure plate surfaces during clutch engagement. This improves heat transfer by as much as 100%.
     - Ceramic-metallic button-style clutch facings are very durable and have the unique ability to grab better as it heats.
     - Button type pads do not warp during use. 
     - Button type pads prevent scoring of the friction faces, as they allow the dust worn from the friction surfaces to be thrown clear of the clutch areas.
     - Ceramic-metallic materials are less sensitive to grease and oil contamination.

Daily Disc (480TQ) Features:
     - Full face organic disc for longer life.
     - The full face offers a stronger then factory material with a stock like feel.
     - Using a full face disc elimantes any clutch chatter on engagement.
     - This clutch system maintains a stock feel while offering strength and durability.

KMD Tuning Clutch Kit includes:

- Modified Audi TT-RS Pressure Plate
- Ceramic-Metallic Clutch Disc (for Track option)
- Full Face Organic Disc (for Daily option)
- Pressure Plate Bolts
- Metal OEM Slave Cylinder
- Slave Cylinder Bolts

Application Guide:
     - MK5 FSI / TSI
     - MK6 TSI
     - Beetle TSI
     - CC TSI
     - MK6 Golf R TFSI

The KMD Tuning Clutch Kit is built to order and typically ships between 2 - 3 days.

Brand: KMD Tuning
Product Code: 01015

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