Mercedes Benz 2007 SL55 AMG

Engine Parts for Mercedes Benz 2007 SL55 AMG



Weistec Silver Racing Spark Plugs M113K
For those who will be making in excess of 450 WHP, these uniquely designed spark plugs are a must have. Vehicles that are running increased boost levels are str...


Weistec High Flow Air Filters M113K
The Weistec M113K High Flow Air Filters are made with our very own high flow element that significantly outflows the factory air filters. The filters are a drop...


Weistec Head Studs M113 M113K
Weistec has exclusively partnered with ARP, the top name in performance engine hardware. Head studs are used to fasten the heads to the block in place of the fa...
Weistec Rod Bolts M113 M113K
The factory rod bolts are the weakest part of the factory rods in the M113K engine. Weistec's ARP M113K Rod Bolts are much stronger than the factory bolts a...


Weistec Dual Pass Heat Exchanger
Intercooling is very important for M113K and M275/M279 powered vehicles.  The Weistec Heat Exchanger has a dual pass design, giving the fluid inside the co...
Weistec Forged Pistons M113K
The Weistec Engineering M113K Forged Pistons were designed and manufactured to address the weaknesses of the OEM M113K pistons. Our 2618-T61 forged pistons f...
Weistec M113K ECU Upgrade
As a leader in tuning and calibration, Weistec Engineering is proud to offer tuning packages for M113K, stock Mercedes Kompressor powered vehicles. We offer ...


Weistec 82MM Inlet Upgrade
For customers that currently have our M113K Supercharger system installed using the factory 74mm throttle body, we offer the 82mm Throttle Body Upgrade package....