Mercedes Benz 2010 C63 AMG

Engine Parts for Mercedes Benz 2010 C63 AMG


Drive Belts

Weistec Billet Idler Pulleys M156
Weistec Engineering will now be offering the same CNC machined aluminum belt idlers that are used with our supercharger systems. The factory Mercedes parts are ...


Weistec Oil / Air Separator System
Weistec's Oil / Air Separator system is a must have for completely stock vehicles, to those upgraded with the Weistec Supercharger. The separator system vas...


Weistec Spark Plugs M156 / M159
For those who will be making over 630bhp these uniquely designed spark plugs are a must have. The extended electrode tip of the OEM spark plug will be prone to ...


Weistec M156 High Flow Air Filter Set
The Weistec M156 High Flow Air Filters are made with our very own high flow element that significantly outflows the factory air filters. The filters are a drop ...
aFe Power Magnum Pro DRY S Air Filter
Constructed with 100% polyurethane on all four sides, this high flow "oil-free" OE replacement performance filter will outflow stock paper filter for ...
aFe Power Magnum Pro 5R Air Filter
Constructed with 100% polyurethane on all four sides, this high flow, oiled OE replacement performance filter will out flow stock paper filter for improved hors...
RENNtech 82mm Throttle Body Upgrade for M156
Our proprietary 82mm Performance Throttle body package offers a 22% increase of incoming air volume. This translates into a noticeable gain in both overall perf...
RENNtech Carbon Fiber Airbox M156
By optimizing the path and increasing the volume of incoming airflow, our carbon air box is able to offer gains up to +10 hp and + 5 lb/ft of torque, in additio...


Weistec Forged Rods And Pistons M156/M159
Our forged pistons and billet 4340 rods add a great degree of strength and resilience to the M156 engine. The pistons benefit from an improved wrist pin design ...
Weistec Head Studs M156/159
Weistec has exclusively partnered with ARP, the top name in performance engine hardware. Head studs are used to fasten the heads to the block in place of the fa...


Weistec Trunk Ice Tank
Weistec Engineering is proud to introduce the trunk mounted water tank upgrade for all M156 Supercharged, and M113 Supercharged vehicles. The use of this water ...
Weistec Stage 1 / 2 To Stage 3 Supercharger Upgrade
Upgrade your Stage 1 or Stage 2 Weistec Supercharger system to our Stage 3 system with ease. Upgrading is made easy with all the parts needed to convert you to ...
Weistec M156 ECU Upgrade
+47 WHEEL HORSEPOWER, +32 WHEEL TORQUE As a leader in tuning and calibration, Weistec Engineering is proud to release tuning packages for the naturally aspir...
Weistec M156 6.3L Power Package 1
The M156 Power Package 1 is an efficient and effective package for those looking for improved performance. The package consists of our M156 ECU Upgrade, High Fl...
Weistec Stage 1 To Stage 2 Supercharger Upgrade M156
The M156 Stage 1 to Stage 2 Upgrade is for those looking to upgrade their exhaust and get more power out of their M156 Stage 1 Supercharger equipped vehicle.&nb...
Weistec Stage 3 M156 Supercharger System C63
ESS 6.2L Twin Screw Supercharger System
-6PSI Boost (7 and 8PSI optional for 93AKI/98RON fuel) -2.9L Whipple Twin Screw SC unit -Large capacity intercooler system -550cc Bosch fuel injectors with h...
Weistec Stage 1 M156 Supercharger System C63
637 HORSEPOWER, 560 FT-LB OF TORQUE FOR COMPLETELY STOCK VEHICLES The Weistec Stage 1 Supercharger System features the all new ultra efficient Weistec dir...
Weistec Stage 2 M156 Supercharger System C63
672 HORSEPOWER, 662 FT-LB OF TORQUE REQUIRES HIGH FLOW EXHAUST The Weistec Stage 2 Supercharger System is specifically designed for vehicles with high flo...
ESS ECU software for C63
+32-34whp Removed top speed governor Catless option available Header option available ...
RENNtech ECU Hand Held Tuner (HHT)
RENNtech HHT (hand held tuner) allows you the unlimited ability to switch between tuned and stock ECU programming and requires no ECU removal! Our proprietar...
RENNtech R1 Performance Package
Our performance package includes our proprietary ECU tune in addition to our full carbon fiber airbox for a gain of +78 HP and +52 TQ over stock.  ...
RENNtech R2 Performance Package
RENNtech performance package 2 includes our proprietary ECU tune in addition to our full carbon fiber airbox, 82mm throttle body kit and RENNtech stainless...