Porsche 2008 911




Fabspeed Porsche 997 Carrera Carbon Fiber Competition Air Intake System
This Cold Air Intake system vastly improves power and sports car sound throughout the rev range. Constructed with genuine carbon fiber for strength, durabi...


911Tuning 997TT Turbo 3.5″ Sport Intercoolers
Our 3″5 sport intercoolers are direct replacement and do not require expensive aftermarket hoses. They are hand crafter inhouse and pressure tested to 35 ...
911Tuning 997TT 4.5″ Race Intercoolers
Our 4.5″ race intercoolers are hand crafted and pressure tested to 35 PSI. High quality Bell cores along with 2.5″ end tank piping optional for maxi...
Wagner Intercooler Kit for Porsche 997TT
The Wagner Tuning Porsche 997 911 Turbo (S) Intercooler Kit is a high performance redesign of the original OEM intercooler designed specifically for the 997TT T...
AWE Tuning Performance Intercoolers
Due to the relatively high boost that the GT2 runs in stock trim, and also due to the fact that it uses the same intercoolers as the 997TT, it was not a big sur...
$1,678.95 $1,595.00


911Tuning 997TT Stage 1- 550/580HP Race
Stage-1 custom Porsche 997 turbo tuning  is rated at 550HP on pump gas and 580HP on 100 octane race gas on a AWD Dynojet.  One of our client...
911Tuning 997TT Stage 2- 570/600HP Race
Our stage-2 custom tune is rated at 570HP on pump gas and 600HP on 100 octane race gas. It includes our custom made X design exhaust with 200 cell cats. We offe...
911Tuning 997TT Stage 3- 600/620HP Race
Our stage-3 custom tune is rated at 600HP on pump gas and 620HP on 100 octane race gas. We offer custom race gas files as well as brake boosting along with laun...


911Tuning 997TT Stage 4- 640/680Race
Our stage 4 package includes a custom tuned flash rated at 640Hp on pump gas and 680HP on 100 octane race gas. We offer custom race gas files as well as break b...