Unitronic Cat-Back Exhaust System for MK6 GTI

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Unitronic Cat-Back Exhaust System for MK6 GTI Unitronic Cat-Back Exhaust System for MK6 GTI

Product Information

Unitronic is pleased to present its 3-inch Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System for the MK6 (2010+) VW GTI equipped with the 2.0L TSI engine.

Featuring a TIG welded, T304 stainless steel CNC mandrel bent construction and straight-through, free flowing design, Unitronic’s Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System was developed to remove the factory exhaust restrictions to unleash the full potential of the 2.0L TSI engine. Like all of Unitronic’s Performance Exhaust Systems, a sealing V-Band fastener system, using T316 stainless steel flanges, was utilized to ensure a leak proof connection every time.

With standard flat V-Band flanges, the joining sections can shift over time and can even lead to leaks if not corrected. With the ring sealed design that comes with every Unitronic MK6 GTI Exhaust, leaks and sliding of the flange is eliminated by a crush ring to ensure proper sealing and mounting. With matching the V-Band clamp to the flange profile and including a sealing ring, we have ensured a consistent and precise fit.

Unitronic’s mufflers feature a high density, high temperature glass fiber packing and are stamped with the Unitronic logo. These attributes combined ensure the maximum performance possible while maintaining a comfortable and unobtrusive tone inside the cabin. Exiting at the rear, exhausts gasses pass through a pair of 4-inch slash cut tips, featuring a machined Unitronic “U” logo


  • Unitronic MK6 GTI 3" Axle Section w/ Muffler
  • Unitronic MK6 GTI 3" Mid-Pipe w/ Resonator
  • Unitronic 3" V-Band Exhaust Clamps
  • Unitronic 3" V-Band to 60mm Female V-Band Adapter
Brand: Unitronic
Product Code: UH010-EXA
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