Volkswagen Jetta MK V (05-10)

Interior Parts for Volkswagen Jetta MK V (05-10)



P3 Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface
P3 OBD2 Multi-Gauge Plug and Play install - just plug into your obd2 port and install into dash! Reads and clears OBD2 Codes OBD2 Data for Coolant Tem...
KMD Tuning - Boost Tap for 2.0T FSI
Looking to setup your boost gauge, water meth feed or a manual DV? KMD is proud to bring you our billet aluminum boost tap for the 2.0T FSI. The KMD Tuning B...
P3 Cars TDI Vent Integrated Digital Interface
Connect with your car in an entirely new way. Why settle for just a boost gauge? Sporting features available in products 3x the price, this is a swiss army knif...
P3 Cars Boost Gauge
P3 Boost gauge Hard-wires in to power and ground and requires analog tubing to be run and connected to intake / charge pipeĀ (does not plug into OBD2 port) B...
P3 Cars TDI Boost Gauge
P3 Digital gauges provide the highest level of OEM integration and color match offering more features than any other gauges in their segment. Starting at a pric...