Revo Engine Mount for 2.0TFSI / TSI

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Product Information

Engine mount

Several specific details set the Revo engine mount apart from similar kits. The engine mount bushings, mounting arm and base plate are all specifically sized to provide clearance to the engine block bracket. The mounting arm locator is machined at 0.30mm tolerance to provide engagement to the stock mounting bracket without any interference. Each kit includes a variety of brackets and spacers designed to provide new mounting points for every part previously mounted to the stock assembly. The Type II hard aluminum anodizing, powder coated steel parts and stainless steel non-critical hardware provide excellent corrosion protection while the Grade 10.9 steel bolts provide OE level strength.


Revo Engine Mount RV512M500300

Fitting Notes:

  • Will Only fit vehicles with Manual 6 Speed and DSG Transmissions



Fitting Instructions

Download the RV551M500300 Revo Engine Mount Fitting Instructions

Brand: Revo Technik
Product Code: RV501M500000
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