Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK VI GTI (2010-14)


Revo Pendulum Mount for 2.0TFSI / TSI

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Product Information

Pendulum Mount

Long-term prototype testing revealed several key elements integrated into the Revo pendulum mount. High durometer link bushings are used to keep but decrease compliance at the stock location, thereby reducing accelerated wear on the stock sub-frame mount while still reducing engine movement. Close manufacturing tolerances are held on the rear of the pendulum mount arm, ensuring perfect fitment into the stock sub-frame mount on every vehicle. Prototype testing revealed that even high-spec. hard anodizing succumbs to the combination of heat/road debris over time and fades, leaving the bare aluminum exposed to the elements. As such, both exposed aluminum pieces are powder coated and stainless steel bolts used to ensure corrosion resistance.


Revo Pendulum Mount RV512M500500

Fitting Notes:

  • Will Only fit vehicles with Manual 6 Speed and DSG Transmissions



Brand: Revo Technik
Product Code: RV501M500200
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