RENNtech Coilover Kit C63

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RENNtech Coilover Kit C63 RENNtech Coilover Kit C63 RENNtech Coilover Kit C63

Product Information

RENNtech's C-Class adjustable suspension kit offers not only overall improved aesthetics and an aggressive vehicle stance, but improves both vehicle handling and performance. Our proprietary  suspension kit lowers your vehicle up to 1.75" via adjustable spring perches on your OEM dampers. Constructed of high strength, light weight aluminum our suspension kit allows four-corner independent ride height adjustments and the ability to perform vehicle corner weighting.

Our complete suspension conversion allows full adjustment without the need to purchase an entire coilover conversion kit and comes with an adjustment tool to make on-the-fly suspension adjustments.


Kit Includes:

  • RENNtech sport lowering springs for front and rear
  • RENNtech height adjustable spring perches for front and rear
  • RENNtech adjustment wrench for spring perches


Kit Specifications:

  • Lowering Range: up to 1.25" in the front and up to 1.75" in the rear
  • Four corner height adjustability
  • OEM electronic damper control is retained
  • Aggressive, lowered vehicle stance
  • Improved vehicle handling and performance



  • C205 - C63 /S AMG Coupe
Brand: RENNtech
Product Code: 32.205C.1000
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