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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Pricing and Typographical Errors:

While KMD Tuning strives to maintain accurate descriptions and pricing for products and services (including shipping), inaccuracies may occur and/or part manufacturers/suppliers change product descriptions and pricing without notice.  KMD Tuning cannot confirm descriptions and/or pricing until after an order has been placed.  In the rare case an error exists, KMD Tuning will contact the buyer via e-mail and/or phone with details and options and/or cancel your order with an e-mail or phone notification.

Prices, descriptions, availability and the like are subject to change without notice.  KMD Tuning reserves the right to cancel or refuse an order at any time and for any reason without notice.

Orders and Payments:

KMD Tuning reserves the right to cancel or refuse an order and payment transaction at any time without notice.  Some situations that may result in the cancellation of an order include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies and errors in product or pricing information, or problems that are identified by the Fraud Prevention Department.  In some cases we must contact buyer to verify and obtain additional information before accepting and processing an order.  If your order is canceled for any reason or additional information is required, KMD Tuning may contact you by phone and/or email so it’s important that you provide the correct contact information on the order form.  If the contact information provided is fictitious or invalid we reserve the right to cancel the order.

Special-Order, Made-to-Order, Built-to-Order, Electrical Parts, Direct Ship, Sale/Limited Time Sale, Clearance, Discontinued and/or No Cancel-No Return items will require a full non-refundable payment before the order is placed.  Under no circumstances will the value be refunded or credited in the event that the order does not ship due to customer cancellation or refusal at time of delivery.  Packages refused at time of delivery will be considered abandoned, which is not retrievable, and KMD Tuning will not be held responsible or issue refunds, credit or the like.

For Domestic Customers:

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

  • ‚ÄčIf you’re paying for an order through KMD Tuning’s credit card processing terminal, your card information (including security code), billing address and shipping address must be verified and approved by your card issuing bank during the transaction process, otherwise, the transaction may decline.  Due to the increasing amount of fraud KMD Tuning will not ship to an address not verified and approved by the cardholder’s card issuing bank when the transaction is processed for payment.  Once in transit, KMD Tuning will not re-route or cancel the shipment even if requested by the customer.  If the shipping address is inaccurate, incomplete, invalid, etc., KMD Tuning reserves the right to charge additional fees to the buyer credit card as incurred by the shipping company.  In some cases, your credit card will be authorized for the order amount when submitted before the transaction is settled.  This authorization will be finalized at the end of our business day.  If you decide to cancel an order on the same day the order was placed and the order is eligible for cancellation, KMD Tuning will void the authorization.  Your card issuing bank determines when the authorization (or “hold”) will be removed from your account so please refer to your card issuing banks cardholder agreement policy.

  • Payments processed through PayPal must to comply with the policies set-forth by PayPal in order for the transaction to be successful (including “verified” and “eligible” accounts and “confirmed” addresses as applicable).  If your account and/or payment transaction does not meet PayPal conditions, the transaction may be subject to cancellation.

For International Customers:

  • We accept PayPal and bank wire transfers only.  International customers wishing to pay via bank wire transfer should email [email protected] for instructions.  Please note that orders will not be released until the banks settle and finalize the wire transfer (timeframe varies depending on bank policies).

  • International customers are responsible for understanding their country's international buying laws and should be aware that all international purchases are subject to additional brokerage, duty or tax fees that are collected at the time of delivery (in addition to the purchase price and shipping/handling fees collected by KMD Tuning prior to shipping).  KMD Tuning is not responsible for these charges as we have no affiliation with tax systems set forth by International countries.  If you need more information about possible fees and taxes please contact your local Import/Customs authority.  All fees and taxes are the sole responsibility of the consignee/recipient and all charges incurred by KMD Tuning will be charged to the buyer.  If the consignee/receiver refuses to pay these additional fees at time of delivery, KMD Tuning will instruct the shipping carrier to abandon the package.  International orders that are refused at time of delivery will be subject to carrier package abandonment.  Abandoned packages will not be retrievable and will be discarded/destroyed at the shipping warehouse of your local carrier pick up facility.  KMD Tuning will not be held responsible for any abandoned packages due to these circumstances and we will not issue refunds, credits or the like.

  • All charges, sales, returns, and exchanges are calculated in US dollars.  KMD Tuning is not responsible for fluctuations in currency value.

  • International buyers are responsible for ensuring parts will fit their vehicle as KMD Tuning will not validate or verify fitment since KMD Tuning is unable to access specifications for vehicles outside the USA. International orders are not eligible for return, refund,  credit, exchange or the like.

Gift Cards/Certificates Policy:

KMD Tuning Gift Cards/Certificates can only be used towards goods and/or services at or at our Saddle Brook NJ store.  Gift Cards/Certificates can be claimed by the original buyer or can be sent as a gift to any recipient of your choice.

All KMD Tuning Gift Cards/Certificates should be treated like cash and protected.  Recipient must keep the original Gift Card/Certificate in their possession until the order is delivered and you’re sure a credit will not be requested/required since refunds are processed to the original payment method and KMD Tuning will not replace the original card/certificate.  Gift Cards/Certificates (including the value associated) will not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.  Gift Card/Certificate balances cannot be redeemed for cash or applied as payment towards an account and may not be transferrable.

KMD Tuning reserves the right to issue Gift Cards (the plastic form), Gift Certificates (the paper form) or Virtual Gift Cards/Certificates (the electronic form) and this policy applies to all forms respectively.


Most products are backed by manufacturer warranties, which vary depending on product and manufacturer.  To verify a product's warranty before purchase, please contact KMD Tuning by calling 201-773-9171 or emailing [email protected].

Pre-authorized product returns must include the completed RMA, the original packaging, manuals, hardware, etc., and are subject to verification, inspection and testing at KMD Tuning or the manufacturer’s facility before warranty eligibility can be determined.  In some cases, the manufacturer may require a written automotive shop diagnosis and/or paperwork with a description of the problem/defect.  If a warranty claim is approved, the original product will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion, which will be shipped to the original address that the item was shipped to.

This is the only remedy for any loss or damage, however arising, due to nonconformity in or defect of the product.  KMD Tuning is not responsible for loss or damages that may have occurred by using products we sell.  Products that may have been damaged or lost as a result of a faulty part will not be replaced under any circumstances.  The warranty does not cover costs incurred of any kind, including consequential damage, incidental and contingent damages, loss of time or revenue, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, damage to the vehicle or components directly or indirectly in relation to the product sold by KMD Tuning, labor, or other incidental, contingent and indirect damage.  Refunds or credits are not provided for warranty products and services under any circumstances.

Due to the existing known defect in some factory parts that are related to the use of some aftermarket products, it is imperative that the condition of the factory parts are checked before and during use if applicable.  Failure to monitor or remedy any items wearing at an abnormal rate could result in consequential damage, which is not covered in any way.  Customer is responsible for ensuring that products are installed in a safe and proper manner, and should cease usage of product immediately if an unsafe and improper condition is noted, at which time customer should contact KMD Tuning immediately.  Warranty is void if product was improperly serviced, modified, or used in a way not intended or instructed.  Use of some products in motorsports or racing conditions may be grounds for warranty denial since it is an inherently abusive operational condition and it is impossible to warranty for this type of usage.

Due to the possible rapid failure or misdiagnosis of some products, the following items are excluded from the warranty policy:

  • Brake components (pads, rotors, lines, etc.)
  • Clutch Components (flywheels, disk, pressure plate, lines, etc.)
  • Electrical Components (sensors, switches, bulbs, etc.)


The parts manufacturer reserves the right to consider and/or offer a warranty for the items on the exclusions list above on a case by case basis.

Customer assumes all risks and liabilities related to failures, damages and laws pertaining to aftermarket parts.  Product warranties are valid in the USA only, apply to the original buyer of the product and are non-transferable.  Discontinued, clearance or limited time sale items are sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied.  Customer is responsible for all shipping fees.  KMD Tuning does not guarantee that any products will be warrantied.  Manufacturers reserve the right to deny a warranty claim and product will be returned at the customer’s expense.

Product Disclaimer:

All aftermarket (non OE/OEM) products are intended for off-road use only.  It is the buyers responsibility to check with all federal, state, local and environmental laws prior to ordering and installing a product.  KMD Tuning does not make any claims of street legal use of any products sold.  KMD Tuning is not responsible for any fees, fine and/or cost that’s incurred as a result of failing to check with federal, state, local or environmental laws prior to ordering and installing a product.