Weistec Engineering M276 Intake System

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Weistec Engineering M276 Intake System Weistec Engineering M276 Intake System Weistec Engineering M276 Intake System Weistec Engineering M276 Intake System Weistec Engineering M276 Intake System Weistec Engineering M276 Intake System

Product Information


An upgraded intake system increases the amount of airflow available to your engine while still properly filtering out debris or particles from the road. In vehicles that have the M276 with twin turbochargers, higher airflow allows the engine to make more power. This is most apparent in vehicles running higher boost levels such as those that are tuned or have upgraded turbochargers. The stock airboxes, even with high-flow filters, show their limitations, especially with upgraded turbos.


The Weistec M276 Intake System provides proper airboxes that help ensure the majority of the air that comes into the system is being pulled from outside the engine bay giving enough air to meet power demands while still filtering out particles and debris from the road. The airbox is fed via the same air inlets on the radiator core support that the stock airboxes use, pulling fresh air from in front of the radiator. The carbon fiber top panels of the box are removable for servicing the filters.




The filters feature a 4-ply lightly oiled cotton media filtration element. This filter element is perfect for high airflow applications as it offers minimal airflow restriction while providing enough air filtration to protect your engine in road and track use. The airbox lids consist of a base layer of 0.03" thick 304 stainless steel and a top layer of carbon fiber, giving the intake a sleek and refined look. The core support adapters are made from 80 durometer silicone and attach the airbox directly to core support mounted air intake ducts, providing unrestricted airflow to the airbox. Competitors' airboxes utilize the stock intake core support adapters which have a bellows design which adds a lot of restriction and greatly decreases the benefits of an aftermarket intake. The other options on the market also fail to offer the same fitment and sealing/isolation from engine bay heat that the Weistec M276 Air Box offers.



Our intake features high-flow turbo and airbox inlets and filters with significantly more surface area than stock making for a properly thought-out design that best provides increased airflow to the turbos. The before and after dyno chart on this page clearly shows how much better the intake allows the turbos to breathe at every point in the RPM range.

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  • 100% bolt-on Installation
  • 100% Serviceable
  • Increased efficiency and reduced intake temperatures
  • Reduces wastegate duty needed for higher-than-stock boost levels
  • Substantially more airflow than OEM
  • Designed using high-precision laser scanning
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
Brand: Weistec
Product Code: 01-276-02406-8
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