AWE Tuning Downpipes for RS5

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The RS5 Non-Resonated Downpipes

For RS5 owners seeking an even more aggressive sound in addition to our Track or Touring Edition Exhaust systems, we offer our Non-Resonated Downpipes, available separately.  AWE Tuning Non-Resonated Downpipes are constructed from 2.5” T304 Stainless Steel and remove an additional resonator to produce a louder and deeper tone to the exhaust note.  

As always, AWE Tuning Non-Resonated Downpipes are only recommended for those who like it loud, and again this product cannot be returned or exchanged based upon sound satisfaction. 

The RS5 Resonated Downpipes

The Track Edition + our Resonated Downpipes = our Touring Edition Exhaust. Note that if you already have a Track Edition Exhaust, you can add these downpipes within a year of purchase of the Track Edition Exhaust for the difference between the Touring Edition and Track Edition. More info on this upgrade, here.

AWE Tuning Resonated Downpipes are constructed from 2.5” T304 Stainless Steel and include a resonator to produce a mellow tone at part throttle without also hindering the sound at wide open throttle.

Brand: AWE Tuning
Product Code: 3220-11012

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