AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter

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Product Information

Our AWE Tuning S-Filter is a drop in, high flow replacement for the restrictive OE paper filter.

We chose a reusable oiled cotton filter because they, by design, flow more than the paper equivalent. Follow our recommended cleaning intervals; listed below; and you will be able to enjoy years of improved breathing with a single filter.

Emmett Fox, who leads AWE Tuning's on-site installations, states, "Fit, finish and function is top notch, making installation a breeze. This is a great upgrade for the daily driven vehicle."

Our S-Filter has been tested against competing aftermarket drop in filters with favorable results.


  • Tested and verified by an independent lab to flow 34% more than stock
  • Peak gains: +4 hp and +5 ft lb at the crank on 3.0T engine
  • Max gains: +8 hp and +7 ft lb at the crank at 7000rpm on 3.0T engine


Designed in house and manufactured by an OEM tier 1 supplier to our specifications, this is the largest possible filter compatible with the factory airbox. Featuring a large face cylinder shape our filter has more surface area than its cone shaped equivalent.

Note: Recommended cleaning intervals for the filter is 10k miles or once a year, which ever comes first.

Brand: AWE Tuning
Product Code: 2710-11010
$105.21 $99.95
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