CTS Turbo FMIC kit

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CTS Turbo FMIC kit CTS Turbo FMIC kit CTS Turbo FMIC kit CTS Turbo FMIC kit CTS Turbo FMIC kit

Product Information

The new CTS Turbo for B8/B8.5 A5 FMIC kit  will enhance the performance and power of your vehicle substantially by maintaining lower charged air temperatures even under the most extreme abuse.  Boasting a high density bar and plate intercooler core (rated for 600HP) the CTS FMIC kit is ideal for modified B8/B8.5 A5's with K03, K04 or even big turbo applications.  Smooth transitions in our hand crafted intercooler piping ensure quick boost response and optimal flow while the aluminium piping ensures maximum heat dissipation.  Fitting an intercooler this size is no easy task, but our design requires absolutely no trimming to the bumper or bumper reinforcement.  

Product details:
- High density bar and plate intercooler core
- Core dimensions 20" x 11.25" x 3" 
- 2.5" hand fabricated, powdercoated aluminium piping
- Stainless steel T-bolt clamps and 4 ply silicon connectors
- Bead rolled pipe ends to prevent hoses popping off

Brand: CTS Turbo
Product Code: CTS-B8A5-FMICKIT-600
$749.99 $599.99
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