CTS Turbo Turbo Kit for TT180

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Product Information

Kit Features:
- Garrett 50Trim T3/T4 Turbocharger 
- CTS 1.8T T3 Turbo Manifold
- CTS 3" Stainless Steel O2 Housing 
- CTS 3" Inlet Pipe Kit w/ CTS Re-useable Air Filter
- CTS stainless steel oil feed and drain kits
- Coolant Relocation Kit
- Precision 39mm external wastegate 
- Gaskets, Studs, Nuts, Clamps


Note: For turbos with 4" inlet (Precision SP or GT3076R etc) we recommend using heater core fitting part number 1J0122291D to allow for heater core hose clearance

Brand: CTS Turbo
Product Code: CTS-MK1-TT180-KIT

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