Milltek Free Flow Manifolds w/High Flow Cats for R32

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Product Information

These manifolds have been designed to work in conjunction with Millteks very popular cat-back exhaust systems. These manifolds primary purpose is to improve exhaust gas flow directly from the engine, this gives more power, better drive-ability, and no loss of torque ,and the sound quality that comes along with long tube headers. Also included is a stainless midsection featuring two 200-cell HJS high-flow catalytic converters.


  • 1.58" stainless long tube construction runners 
  • Stainless steel flanges
  • Left and Right upper manifolds
  • Left and Right lower connecting pipes
  • Includes midsection with 200-cell HJS cats
  • 2.75" outlet recommended for use with Milltek 2.75" cat-back exhausts only
Brand: Milltek
Product Code: SSXVW121
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