Milltek Large Bore Downpipe and Hi-Flow Sports Cat (No CEL)

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 Milltek Large Bore Downpipe and Hi-Flow Sports Cat (No CEL)

Product Information

(No Check Engine Light)

Milltek Sport Large-Bore Downpipes are perfect when looking to improve both performance and sound. These downpipes are fabricated with a larger diameter than standard OEM parts, meaning that there is significantly more space for more gas to exit the engine and pass through, increasing efficiency.

Combined with our Hi-Flow Sports Cat, you can expect a significant increase in performance and a noticeable difference in sound aesthetic.


All our performance exhaust systems are designed with you in mind, and we cater to an ever-expanding range of vehicles. We believe in continuous evolution, and our research & development team work throughout the year to deliver the most in demand solutions to all your performance exhaust requirements. All of our products are made in the UK and distributed to more than 90 countries worldwide, making Milltek Sport one of the most accessible performance aftermarket brands on the market.


Available for:

OE Catback

Milltek Catback

Brand: Milltek
Product Code: SSXVW684

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