Milltek Race Catback Exhaust (Loudest) MK8 R

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Milltek Race Catback Exhaust (Loudest) MK8 R Milltek Race Catback Exhaust (Loudest) MK8 R Milltek Race Catback Exhaust (Loudest) MK8 R Milltek Race Catback Exhaust (Loudest) MK8 R

Product Information

From late 2018, many vehicles have been manufactured with a Gasoline/Otto Particulate Filter to reduce further the emissions from the vehicle.  The Milltek Sport Particulate Filter-Back range is designed to compensate for the sound reducing qualities from the particulate filter and significantly improve the sound aesthetic of the exhaust system.

All of Milltek's performance exhaust systems are designed with you in mind, and they cater to an ever-expanding range of vehicles.  Milltek Sport believes in continuous evolution, and their research & development team work throughout the year to deliver the most in demand solutions to all your performance exhaust requirements.  All of their products are made in the UK and distributed to more than 90 countries worldwide, making Milltek Sport one of the most accessible performance aftermarket brands on the market.



  • Non-Resonated exhaust
  • Designed, Developed and Tested at Milltek Sport’s facility at the Nürburgring, Germany
  • New larger diameter 80mm / 3.15” T304L pipework giving a 30% reduction in back pressure
  • Lifetime warranty for the original purchaser
Brand: Milltek
Product Code: SSXVW667

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