Unitronic Stage 3 Big Turbo 440CC Software for 2.8L 12V

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Product Information

ECU Stage 3 Software

Stock Power : 174HP / 181LB-TQ      Unitronic Stage 3 : Up To 440HP

91 - 93 OCTANE / 95 - 98 RON GAS 


Big Turbo Software Precisely Engineered to Run 18psi of Boost on a Lowered compression engine.


Big Turbo Options

Turbo: GT30 Series Turbo or Similar Size

Throttle Body Options: Stock Throttle Body Only

Cam Options: Stock Cams Only

Emissions Delete Options: No

Mafless Options: No



  • Engineered with Strict Industry Standards
  • Extensively Tested Under Various Driving Conditions
  • Optimized Responsiveness and Drivability
  • Power Delivery Perfectly Optimized Throughout the Power Band
  • Speed Governor Removed
  • RPM Limiter Increased to 7200 (With Stock Head)
  • Ignition Timing Precisely Calibrated for Higher Octane Fuel


Required Hardware

  • Bosch 440cc Injectors
  • A8 Maf Housing (keep stock sensor)
  • Head Spacer
  • 4 Bar FPR
  • Upgraded Fuel Pump
  • Upgraded Exhaust System
  • Intercooler System
  • Cold Air Intake / Short Ram
Brand: Unitronic
Product Code: UNISTG3_28L12V_440
$890.00 $740.00
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