Unitronic Stage 3 Software for 2.0T EVO4

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Product Information

Performance Software optimized for use with 93 octane / 98 Ron fuel and the Garrett PowerMax Turbocharger along with supporting hardware bolt-ons. The MK8 GTI Stage 3 Software from Unitronic safely increases power and torque allowing users to enjoy their vehicles to the fullest on the street or on the track without reliability headaches.

Unitronic Stage 3 TCU Performance Software, Unitronic Intercooler, Unitronic Intake System and Unitronic Performance Downpipe are required to achieve advertised power figures safely.

Performance Software for your ECU Box Code is subject to availability.



  • Optimized Responsiveness, Smoothness, Drivability, and Comfort
    Unitronic’s ECU calibrations are engineered to improve engine response and reduce low-end lag. Unitronic’s Performance Software has gained worldwide recognition and is well known for its broad powerband, with smooth power delivery, maximizing responsiveness and “area under the curve”, under normal and hard acceleration.

  • Ignition Timing Precisely Calibrated for Higher Octane Fuel
    Engine calibration optimized to take advantage of higher fuel quality to extract maximum energy from the combustion. Therefore, when using a higher octane fuel, more power and better fuel efficiency will be achieved.

  • High-Speed Data Logging via UniCONNECT+
    For customers looking to gain greater insights about their vehicle's true performance, High Speed Data Logging for the SIMOS 19.6 ECU is now built in to the latest UniCONNECT+ Application allowing enthusiasts to collect high speed data logs at the a much higher resolution than any other publicly available tools can offer.

  • Start/Stop Memory Enabled
    Unitronic ECU calibrations now include Start/Stop Memory, which enables the vehicle to now remember the last set position. This feature will be rolled out for all tuned files for the MK8 GTI / R, 8Y S3 and more platforms soon.

  • OEM Boost Gauge Recalibrated
    By popular demand, Unitronic has now recalibrated the OEM boost gauge to display gauge pressure (absolute press. minus ambient press.) instead of absolute pressure.

  • OEM Power Gauge Recalibrated
    Unitronic has now recalibrated the OEM Power Gauge to display true engine power (in kW), which is now representative of actual power output through the rev range of your Stage 3 Performance Software.

  • Optimized Maximum Output
    Unitronic’s ECU Calibrators deliver the maximum power output while staying within the operational limits of the factory engine and drivetrain components. Specifically, this results in the highest engine performance without sacrificing the reliability of the engine, turbocharger, or other engine and drivetrain components.

  • Factory Safety Limiters Retained
    OEM “fail safes” are retained within the ECU calibration. Close monitoring of all operation parameters ensures that engine operation stays within factory components limits, resulting in reliability.

  • Power Delivery Perfectly Optimized Throughout the Power Band
    Aligned with the OEM strategy, the calibration is designed to offer a large flat torque plateau to provide a smooth and linear power band. Maximum torque output is achieved sooner and maintained longer which creates a broader torque plateau and greater area under the curve. This results in an improved acceleration and optimal engine operation.

  • Speed Governor Removed
    Vehicle speed limiter within ECU is removed. (Subject to transmission rotational speed limit.)

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
    Optimized timing and injection in cruising condition allows for an improved fuel efficiency, under normalized driving conditions.

  • Engineered with Strict Industry Standards
    With over 10 years of experience with Bosch and Siemens engine management systems and calibrations, Unitronic is able to utilize its expertise, industry leading tools and equipment to ensure an optimal calibration; delivering maximum performance, while maintaining complete OEM-like reliability and drivability.

  • Extensively Tested Under Various Driving Conditions
    Development begins using Unitronic’s in-house Maha Chassis dyno housed in an environmentally controlled cell; closely monitoring a plethora of operational data, utilizing industry leading calibration tools and resources. Beta calibrations are then tested in street and track scenarios, using multiple cars under various driving conditions. This engine calibration strategy ensures Unitronic Performance Software delivers maximum performance, OEM-like drivability and reliability anywhere in the world. Unitronic Performance Software is only released to its Clients once development is thoroughly completed in accordance to Unitronic’s strict standards.

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Brand: Unitronic
Product Code: UNISTG3-20TEV04_VW
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