Revo Technik Sports Catalyst for B9

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Revo Technik Sports Catalyst for B9

Product Information

The Revo B9 Downpipe Upgrade is designed to replace the restrictive OEM component, allowing exhaust gasses to flow much more freely. Designed alongside Revo Performance Software. It forms an important part of the Revo Performance Pack, unleashing more potential power from the engine.



  • Maximises flow
  • Lighter than OEM part
  • British manufactured
  • Sports CAT 



The Revo downpipe is available with the option of either a hi-flow sport catalytic converter for road use or a de-cat option for race use. Both options substantially reduce back pressure and increase flow rates, offering the highest levels of performance and greater reliability under constant high load conditions.



All Downpipes fit OE cat-back systems or a cat-back exhaust system, this allows the option of easily switching between a full turbo-back system or retaining the OE system. Revo sports cats run a 200-cell high flow cat which passes road legal emissions tests.





Download the Revo Audi B9 2.0 TFSI Downpipe Instructions
Brand: Revo Technik
Product Code: RA841E200600
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